Welcome to Heian / Pinan Kata

Complete training package for this popular kata series.

The goal of this course is to teach you everything you would need to know about this popular Kata series enhancing your knowledge and understanding

Who it's for

This course is suitable for ANY style of Karate student that has this series of Kata in their syllabus.

How it works

The course is designed to guide you step by step through learning each of the 5 Heian Kata including the solo form, bunkai drills, focus mitt drills and live flow drills all from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

What will i get?

Each Kata includes detailed video instruction, including various camera angles, showing you exactly what you need to learn.

As soon as you join you will get instant access to the course videos along with a Bonus E-book written by Lee titled Heian / Pinan Kata & Bunkai The Fundamentals

Who is your instructor

Lee Taylor has been training in the traditional martial arts since childhood and currently holds the rank of 5th Dan Karate with the: British Combat Karate Association

'I have a real passion for teaching and training in Karate and the martial arts, continually endeavouring to improve my skills, knowledge and understanding, having trained with leading instructors in the UK, Europe and Japan.'

What's in the Course

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Heian / Pinan Kata

    • Kata Introduction

    • Heian Shodan

    • Heian Nidan

    • Heian Sandan

    • Heian Yondan

    • Heian Godan

  • 3

    Kata Bunkai

    • Bunkai Introduction

    • Heian Shodan

    • Heian Nidan

    • Heian Sandan

    • Heian Yondan

    • Heian Godan

  • 4

    Focus Mitt Drills

  • 5

    Live Flow Drills

    • Introduction

    • Heian Shodan

    • Heian Nidan

    • Heian Sandan

    • Heian Yondan

    • Heian Godan

  • 6

    Thank You!

    • Thank You!

  • 7

    Bonus Ebook

    • Heian / Pinan Kata & Bunkai The Fundamentals

  • 8

    Original Focus Mitt Drills DVD

    • Original Heian Focus Mitt Drills

Watch Intro Video

Watch a sample


Lee's Focus Mitt Drills

by Iain Abernethy

“Modern training equipment allow us to train in ways the past masters could not. In particular, focus mitts allow us to hit at angles and with a level of realism that traditional striking tools such as the Makiwara can’t match. In this DVD, Lee Taylor shows a number of focus mitt drills that allow us to practise close-range realistic bunkai complete with impact. These cleverly designed drills correspond to each of the five Pinan / Heian kata and will develop tactical positioning (use of the angles in kata), limb-control (use of hiki-te, muchimi, etc) and impact. Combined with solo-kata, bunkai training and live practise, these pad drills “complete the circle” and show just how pragmatic the Pinan / Heian series can be. I’ve been asking Lee to make this DVD for a while because I know just how popular these innovative drills will be with students and instructors alike. The drills are explained in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner. They are great “plug and play” drills that are easy to adopt and will add value to your practise and teaching. Highly recommended!”

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Enhance your skill and understanding of the Heian Kata series, bridging the gap between solo practise of the forms to your bunkai drills and ultimately leading to kata based sparring!